Michael Feriola

At Vested Secured Wealth, we understand that protecting your assets is not just a matter of financial prudence but a cornerstone of your peace of mind. With a combined 20+ years of experience in the industry, our team is committed to delivering unparalleled service, tailored strategies, and a results-driven approach that transcends conventional boundaries.

Michael is a Certified Asset Protection Planner TM and an Investment Advisor Representative. As a fiduciary, the financial advice he provides to clients is driven by common denominators of strategies observed over his career. During that time, he has worked with some of the most successful advisors and lawyers in the country as well as many Fortune 500 families developing asset protection strategies, wealth accumulation strategies, and wealth transfer strategies. Vested Secured Wealth was established to offer these services to all with a focus on Retirement Planning.

Vested Secured Wealth likes to keep things simple and that’s why our company mission statement can be summarized in 3 words: PLAN|PROTECT|PROSPER

Michael resides in Westchester NY and enjoys family, tennis and a nice full bodied red wine.

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Our Goal

Our website aims to provide readers with insights into what sets our firm apart, helping them determine if we’re the right fit to safeguard and enhance their wealth.

We advocate for the principle that wealth growth should involve only as much risk as necessary. For most individuals, minimizing risk is paramount. By collaborating with a proficient team of advisors, risk can be managed through specific investment strategies or entirely averted through certain life or annuity products.

Regarding asset protection from creditors, we guide clients in developing a roadmap, alleviating concerns about potential loss of valuable assets in legal proceedings.

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